An Innocent Chain of Good

by Jan 29, 2014
Innocent chain of good - 1

Think of an Innocent ad. You’re probably thinking about the following: Product shots of bottles full of juicy goodness, piles of fruit, the odd chicken, knitted hats. And if their campaigns over the last 15 years are anything to go by, you’d be right. But not anymore.

Innocent burst onto the scene in 1999 offering tasty healthy smoothies to an unsaturated market. Its marketing was simple and product focused, a formula still used to launch in previously unconquered countries because it’s perfect for building a category. However, product-centric campaigns are now not cutting it in established markets, so they’re shaking it up with their new concept: ‘Chain of Good’.

Innocent chain of good - 2

With a storytelling approach they demonstrate the great (and previously unmentioned) things that happen when someone buys an Innocent smoothie, to show they’re not just ‘healthy’ (a claim that has come under fire in recent years) but do some good too. For example, did you know that all their packaging is sustainable and that they give away 10% of all their profits to people that need it? Probably not, because they’ve never told you.

The ‘Chain of Good’ story begins with the tale of Mr Office Guy who desperately needs a smoothie detox hit. Choosing an Innocent smoothie (of course) he no doubt necks it and carries on with his day. In the meantime, the action quickly moves to Uganda and Peru where the chain of good continues. This is where Innocent clearly show how much they actually do to help the less fortunate, and highlights the direct link between the lunchtime smoothie choice and The Good that can come out of it.

Innocent chain of good - 4

In fact, there are three stages of Good: tastes good, does you good, does others good. It’s a simple concept, but really demonstrates what you can start when you buy one of their smoothies without being overly ‘worthy’.

Innocent chain of good - 3 Innocent chain of good - 5

Find out more about the other good things the Innocent Foundation do here. Check out the Pass It On site too, which lets you to send wonderfully dry compliments to friends – a very small chain of good, but good nonetheless! And if you loved the Chain of Good tv ad, see the full-length vid here.

Words by – GS, Ruth Hatch

[Imagery courtesy of the Innocent]

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