Anchor Cheddar’s ‘Glorious Nothing Days’

by Apr 9, 2014

How can a simple thing like an advert for cheese be so delightful? JB waxes lyrical about Anchor Cheddar and their lazy days.

The Anchor Cheddar TV ad team need medals. No, scrap that, they need trophies. No, wait, dear Queenie needs to come to their homes and offer them aromatherapy-oil back massages. For that is how strongly I feel about the latest spot for the CHEESE BRAND (I just had an out-of-body moment where I heard what I was writing and decided that I may have an ad problem). But really, in this ad they do everything I think all brands should do. They don’t talk about CHEESE (I can’t help but capitalise CHEESE), they instead show how their product can be used to make lip-smackingly good-looking cheese-on-toast. But it doesn’t just stop there, they give the rational benefit of the product an emotional benefit too (hurrah!) by wrapping the whole melted-cheese-making event up in a wonderful family insight: lazy days filled with nothing. No plans, no Doctors appointments, no birthday parties to attend. The proposition is great, and the copywriting and art direction only adds to this:

“Hooray those glorious nothing days, those rare and brilliant black diary days. When we find the time to potter and piddle about, with the people that matter most”

Anchor - sofa

Anchor - Family

Ultimately this ad makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I want to spend a lazy day with friends, cooking cheese on toast and faffing about. And that connection between a brand and a meaningful experience is the best possible thing you can hope for, in this industry.

Words by Jo Birch

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