The Big Night: Has Sainsbury's Stolen Christmas 2018?

by Nov 13, 2018

It’s Christ…. oh no wait it’s November. Nevertheless it’s the big festive campaign kick off and we’re opening the showcase with a cracker.

Christmas 2018 has started with a bang. Yes it may be November, but as usual the sprint to top the ad charts has begun and there’s a big contender in this year’s offering from Sainsbury’s.

I have to admit, last year I was a little disappointed with the #everybitofChristmas campaign, but this year the supermarket giant really have pulled out the stops to produce a heart warming piece of creative we can all relate to.

The ad, directed by Michael Gracey who directed the acclaimed hit The Greatest Showman, features a cast of adorable children preforming a modern nativity to a rendition of the New Radicals’ 90s classic, You Get What You Give. The performance seems to get off to a rocky start with eight-year-old Tia Isaac (quite literally the star of the show) somewhat nervous, but after a few notes and an encouraging nod from mum who’s in the crowd, the leading ladies nerves quickly disappear and she is supported by a cast of 59 youngsters from around the country, all taking on weird and wonderful roles in the play.

The campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy, tugs on the nation’s heartstrings, while giving us a little nod towards some festive classics (i.e the end scenes of Love Actually… no bias, but my all time favourite Christmas film). The ad also introduces some not so traditional classics – whoever came up with the plug role is a genius.

“The school show is a flagship Christmas moment for many,” said Laura Boothby, head of broadcast marketing at Sainsbury’s. “The evenings spent frantically learning lines, the inventive costumes, the whole family truly plays a part. This made it the perfect setting to bring our Christmas message to life.”

Rounding off the play we are left with the strapline ‘We give all we’ve got for the ones we love’. Aww.

And what could be cuter than the actual as itself? The behind the scenes footage from the starts of the show:

The ad is set to be the at the heart of the campaign with a wider marketing push including product-led ads of TV, print and radio supported by digital advertising in the form of billboards, posters and buses.


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