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by Jun 18, 2014
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Look Good Feel Better has today launched their exciting 20th Anniversary Advertising Campaign helping women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment through free confidence-boosting skincare and make-up workshops across the UK.

The campaign was created outside of work hours, free of charge by an extremely talented group of people.

Look Good Feel Better needed a fresh campaign to mark the important 20 years is an important milestone, which would enable them to take advantage of donated advertising space an encapsulate the importance of make-up and positive self-image, particularly for women who are going through cancer treatment.

The result: a campaign created by 7after6, a collective of seven women, all working within the advertising industry, with a shared passion and one ultimate goal; to create great creative work for an even greater good.  They came together, out of hours, away from their day jobs to work at no cost with Look Good Feel Better to reach out to all women, with or without cancer, all over the UK.

Self-esteem is important and relevant to all women, it just happens to be in sharper focus for those who have cancer. The #warpaint4life campaign celebrates the power of ‘beauty’ and how, with the help of Look Good Feel Better, the perfect shade of blush, learning how to draw on missing brows and lashes or a bold lipstick can help women to face cancer with confidence.

To feel confident, in control and empowered in life is every woman’s right and Look Good Feel Better exists to make sure that cancer doesn’t take that away.

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7after6 says; “We believe that every woman has the right to feel powerful, beautiful and confident.  A desire to look good is not just about vanity, it’s about inner strength.  Look Good Feel Better helps women living with cancer to be who they were before the illness. This campaign is a body of work designed to create awareness by engaging all women with an insightful and relevant message that evokes empathy, camaraderie and support. Beauty isn’t just beauty, it’s #warpaint4life.”

The campaign was then brought to life by photographer, Josh Van Gelder, producer, Andrea Blood, make-up artist, Caroline Barnes, stylist, Pippa Edwards, hair and wigs, Bjorn Kriscker – all of whom donated their time. A ‘behind the scenes’ film was generously created by Lucy Blakstad.

Sarah Jane Robertson, LGFB Executive Director says; “I can’t put into words our gratitude to everyone who has made this eye-catching and thought-provoking campaign possible.  In our 20thyear we look forward to finding everyone’s ‘#warpaint4life’ item – that bold lipstick or transformative outfit – thank you.”

The stars of the campaign are the models; Suzanne, Maria, Ellie and Kreena, all real women who are living with cancer, all who have benefited from a Look Good Feel Better workshop.

Suzanne – “I want people to see me as Suzanne, not cancer, I’m not cancer, I want to blend in when I go out.  Make-up is my warpaint, it sets me up for the day and allows me to be Suzanne.”

Kreena – “Make-up is like a coat of armour, we’re painting it on to be normal, but when you have cancer, it’s even more of a battle, so that little bit of armour becomes essential and crucial to your daily activity.”

Maria – “Before I was diagnosed I didn’t wear a lot of make-up, but my lipstick was my power, my warpaint.  If I was going to a meeting or if I wanted to cheer myself up, I’d put on a bright red lipstick. Now post cancer, eyebrow pencil is my warpaint.”

Ellie – “You try to be as normal as possible, that’s the main thing, to be normal and make-up has the power to do that.”

Have a look at the campaign website here or watch the behind the scenes video here.

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