Don't Neglect Your Marmite

by Oct 20, 2013

There are a few times a year where a campaign pops up and you think ‘Damn, I wish I’d thought of that idea’. This is one of them.

Marmite, as a brand, have always been confident, using the polarising nature of the foodstuff to their advantage. DDB have embraced this insight to create successful campaigns such as the aptly timed “Love parties” and “Hate parties” (brought out just before the general election) and the “Hate cuisine” recipe teasers.

This year DDB merged with Adam & Eve and it seems the clashing of smart minds have created a force to be reckoned with.  We were recently introduced to the first in a new generation of Marmite advertising: Marmite Neglect.

Taking an angle the RSPCA might use the ad shows a team ‘saving’ jars of Marmite which have been neglected in the backs of peoples’ cupboards. The team tenderly transport jars out in carriers, taking them to a rehousing centre where lovers can adopt them and appreciate Marmite’s offerings.


This campaign is a clever nudge to remind consumers that Marmite exists. Realistically, it’s rarely top of anyone’s shopping list, and even once purchased research shows one in ten Brits admit to not opening their Marmite in three months. It’s this behaviour which, alongside the famous strapline no-one’s in a hurry to lose, becomes part of the campaign. Maybe the next time you are in store you will purchase the product, or at least giggle when you pass by a lonely jar sitting dusty on the shelves of your local supermarket.

The tongue and cheek ad has brought a fair few complaints from animal lovers over the UK, with marmite eventually resolving the tension by donating to the RSPCA. But despite this the campaign still lives on, humouring the masses. It’s not often that a brand speaks so truthfully about their product in the advertising, but it’s refreshing. To Marmite we say… we won’t forget you!

Watch the ad here

Words by – NJ

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