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by May 20, 2014
National Geographic Selfie 1

A picture tells a thousand words, so when the National Geographic released their newest ‘selfie’ campaign, it’s no wonder the media folk had a lot to talk about.

Every once and a while there’s a campaign that I’m really glad was made, and this is one of them. With an ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ mentality, National Geographic bring us their ‘Wildlife Selfies’.

The project, in collaboration with Brazilian stock photo agency Diomedia, aims to promote their new collection of wildlife photography. From Pandas in lifts to Gorillas in bathrooms, the series captures different animals mimicking the (often atrocious) selfie behaviour of humans.

Art director Silvio Mederios explains: “We took nearly 2 months to produce the campaign. The whole idea is to show people that even during the quick-snap selfie and Instagram era, decent quality images can still be produced. Now that everyone has access to mobile phones with good cameras, we can all be photographers”. Each image was pushed with the message that ‘everyone wants to take their own photo, but when it comes to wildlife images nothing beats Diomedia’s National Geographic collection’.

National Geographic Selfie 2

National Geographic Selfie 3

National Geographic Selfie 4

National Geographic Selfie 5

The team spread the word using the channels we’re most likely to find selfies on (Instagram and Facebook). On the former, they used an influencer strategy to promote the shots to relevant art directors and buyers who in turn liked and shared the posts. Within days page views rose by 70%, the campaign received over 10,000 shares and likes on Facebook and Instagram, and most importantly sales of imagery increased by 140%.

The results ultimately show that effectively tapping into a popular behaviour and spreading the word using a solid distribution strategy, social campaigns really can deliver on ROI. Bravo.

Words by – NJ

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