by Jun 2, 2014
Our Habitat

On their 50th birthday last month, Habitat launched a new campaign to showcase a new creative direction – creating a lifestyle brand to be aspired to.

Habitat have had a rough ride. They fell from grace in 2011 and all but three stores (all in the capital) shut up shop. Since then, thankfully, these stores have been bought by the Home Retail Group and given the kiss of life, helping Habitat return as a trendier, more accessible version of their former selves. It was their 50th birthday last month, marking half a century since Terrence Conran founded the company, and they’re celebrating in style.

In a new campaign marking a change in creative direction for the brand, they’ve quite clearly found their new niche: trendy, pretty YoPro things who enjoy nice homes and getting up to all sorts of business in them. The aim is to bring the brand’s personality to life, as well as reflect customers’ varied lifestyles. The strapline ‘This is our habitat’ lends itself to warm thoughts of home, and also nicely celebrates personal differences in what ‘home’ looks like: differences that I’m sure Habitat would like to think they can cater to.

The ads are beautifully shot and make me aspire to be the people in them: the young beautiful family playing dress-up with child model kids, the rich kids hosting what I can only assume is a raucous dinner party, all delectable scenes that move the brand back into Britain’s limelight.

The ads are supplemented with an Instagram campaign looking for people to capture their habitat furniture in #ourhabitat, in exchange for a prize. Have I entered? Damn straight I have. Watch all the ad’s here.

Words by – Jo Birch

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