Vauxhall Pyjama Mamas: How A Relatable Routine Sells Cars

by Sep 6, 2017

Hard working pyjama wearing mamas across the nation rejoice—Vauxhall have your back. Go forth and wear your pj’s all day long.

Pyjamas. Comfortable aren’t they? And no one agrees more than your mum. And my mum. And a nation of mums who seek tranquility from the daily grind. So the idea of my mum driving us to school in her pj’s, waving from the car, turning around and continuing her tasks is something that I recall with fond memories because, like many others, that was our morning routine for years. Yes, there may have been some embarrassing moments when she was unexpectedly summoned into school from the car, silky red pj’s and all, but these mishaps never stopped her on the quest for comfort amongst mayhem. Which brings me to the latest Vauxhall ad and the reason it’s so brilliant is because it is so relatable. Every so often ad land produces a gem that allows you to reminisce and the Pyjama Mamas spot does just this.

In their first ad for Vauxhall, Mother London have created this humorous campaign featuring Vauxhall-driving mums brushing off stares of dismay from peers who look down on their choice of clothing for the school run, in the supermarket and at the coffee shop. The hard working mums let nothing obstruct their busy routine and wear their pyjamas with swagger, which befits the style of the car they drive. This spot really does give Vauxhall a contemporary voice in British culture while its optimistic outlook sits perfectly under their ‘Isn’t life brilliant’ strapline and current brand positioning.

They tried to ban them from the public eye. But nothing can stop these mamas… from taking care of their families! Pick a side, Britain: are you a pyjama lover or a pyjama hater? Vauxhall already have their answer, and it’s a sweet jam jar. The new Crossland X is all about practicality and style. No closet drama… mama! #PyjamaMamas



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