8 Wonderful Christmas Wallpapers That Aren't Cliché

by Dec 3, 2017
TWOP wallpaper

Download a free wallpaper for your desktop or phone for the Christmas season.

Here at TWOP we get very Christmassy, and absolutely love the festive season, but that doesn’t mean that we cover our laptops with tinsel, oh no! Forever stylish, we’ve created 8 beautiful typographic and photographic wallpapers for desktop and mobile that are Christmas themed, but without the cliche photo of Santa. They’re free to download so go ahead, feel festive without going too overboard!

christmas calories

Desktop | Mobile


Christmas Song

Desktop | Mobile


Merry Christmas

Desktop | Mobile



Desktop | Mobile


white baubles

Desktop | Mobile


Santa Baby

Desktop | Mobile



Desktop | Mobile


baby it's cold

Desktop | Mobile


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