by Oct 18, 2013

Well hello casual internet peruser…thanks for stopping by.

Our mission in life is to work hard and play harder. 

We promise to bring you everything from cool and quirky London venues to our latest fashionista reports, healthy living know-how to industry opinionation and inspiration. “Shiggles” for the hell of it to wise words of wisdom from our guest bloggers. All this and more as seen through the eyes of five 20-something ladies making their way in the heady world of advertising.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” we hear you cry…

NJ: A northern girl residing in the big city. A designer by day and social butterfly by night. Coming from a foodie obsessed family, she will give you an outlook on the perks and perils of eating and socialising in our wonderful capital. Look out for design and creative inspiration she deems good enough to share.

RH: Our ‘he put a ring on it’ client services queen bee. An entertainer who amuses everyone she encounters. An expert on how to keep a cool head during worktime, and the most glamorous spots to be seen in at playtime. Posting from across the pond as a new resident to Sydney, she delves into a life of work and play from a land down under.

VT: Our scatty but smart blonde fashionista with a keen eye for new business. Healthy living gal, avid giggler, and one who is dedicated to a challenge no matter what is thrown her way. Bringing you musings with an East London edge from the height of her ever-growing heels.

RS: A confident and ambitious lady who has been getting stuff done since she was born. Fierce but fair, she will be bringing you honest industry advice and knowledge, while sharing wisdom on where is hot to hang out right now. A travelling bird, always with a story to tell as she explores pastures new.

JB: Strategic mastermind vs wannabe novelist. Offering industry opinions with wit and, of course, always backing them up with insight. When she is not solving the world’s problems you will find her social calendar packed with hidden wine bars and eclectic dance floors in London’s quirky hideaways.

Guest Spot: Each month we will bring you the thought leadership of specially selected workmates and playmates.

Finally we just want to say a big thank you to the people behind the scenes developing the site and bringing it to life. Thank you Doug for the kick-start, and to Wale for being our knight in shining armour, bringing the whole project together. If you are looking for a developer to fulfill your needs get in touch and we can point you in the right direction!

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