Maintaining Gym Motivation

by Feb 5, 2014

Maintaining gym motivation - Nike

Right boys and gals, we’re well into 2014 now: our Christmas bellies have deflated somewhat, our triple chins are retreating and we’re getting back into the rhythm of work – the final push is to find the inspiration you need to get back into the gym. By ‘back into’ I mean FOR GOOD, not just the one time you went last month!

It’s well accepted that to feel great it helps if you’re looking mighty fine. That’s why I’m a strong believer in making your gym wardrobe as trendy as your everyday wear. It doesn’t need to be expensive either: for me, it’s all about wearing colour. Here are some of my favorite combos:

Maintaining gym motivation

You’re not going to notice the difference in your body tone, weight or strength straight away. In fact, when you need the most motivation, the scales spin around and hit the same number they did the previous week. Don’t give up! Buy yourself one of these body fat devices so you can track how much body fat you’re losing (find them here) and also use a tape measure to track the inches dropping off you. What better way to push yourself to the gym than your own proven success?

I’m somewhat of a hypocrite writing this as I actually hate the gym so don’t take the title of this post too literally. It’s more about maintaining the motivation for whatever exercise suits you – for me this is yoga, for JB it’s marathon training and NJ loves an app called 7 minute workout.

Find the thing that keeps your body moving and you feeling great and you’re onto a winner! If you can look slick while you do it, even better.

Words by – VT

[Items are from Sports Direct &  Nike Store]
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