The Polish Christmas Ad That Won The World Over

by Dec 19, 2016

One man’s mission to learn English has gone viral and won over the hearts of the world. Watch how this Polish online auction website wins Christmas here.

Last month I wrote about my personal favourite Christmas campaigns from the 2016 offering here, but this ad then crept into the limelight and in my opinion it deserves a big shout out for the message it delivers.

Behold the sweetest Christmas ad you have ever seen. The unlikely hit, entitled “English for beginners” tells the story of an elderly Polish man who orders a language kit from Allegro (an online auction website somewhat similar to ebay) to help him study the English language. In sweet and amusing scenes the man can be seen practicing, while going about his everyday life. He sticks post-it notes onto household objects, chats to his dog and is seen ordering items for travelling and making his way to the airport while reciting “Hi, I am…”.

We then see the man arrive at his son’s house in England, where it becomes apparent that the man has been teaching himself English for a very important reason – so that he could meet and talk to his young granddaughter for the first time. Naww… get the tissues at the ready!

Initially it could be assumed that the old man was learning English in a bid to find romance, especially when reciting the words “you are perfect” and “I love you” over and over again, but watching the ad to the end it becomes apparent that the love the man is actually celebrating is love for his family.

A spokesperson for Allegro told BuzzFeed News they wanted the advert to reflect the lives of the millions of Polish people who have left the country, but have family in Poland. “For years, we’ve strived to make both Allegro (the largest e-commerce platform in the CEE (Central and Eastern European) region), as well as our communication to customers, bring joy, touch the heart and cause a smile. Such is this ad: about a grandfather who overcomes obstacles to reunite with his loved ones living abroad. Many Polish people share the same experience.

allegro christmas ad

Nearly one million Poles have decided to leave their country in search of a job, many heading to the United Kingdom. Despite the relatively close distance between the countries, family ties tend to weaken. Therefore, Christmas for many is a difficult time in which we yearn for greater contact. But the story we are telling is all-purpose and can be easily understood by any other nation or community who can easily link the happy ending of a smile and tears of emotion to their daily human experience. We also put a fundamental question of what we look for in life, ‘what are you looking for’ as the slogan of our campaign. In this way, the reality mingles with the feelings of each of us.”

It’s one of those timelessly wonderful campaigns that creates a lump at the back of your throat, evokes a happy emotion by tugging on the heartstrings and gives you a fuzzy feeling inside. What’s more, in an era of unsettlement and negativity caused by Brexit, it displays the right message, a message about togetherness, the importance of family and overcoming obstacles to spend time with the people you love. Happy Christmas!


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